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We are the best animated video making service to help educate or promote your brand. We create Stunning High ROI Animated Explainer Videos for Companies & Startups

There’s always a Better Way – Goyum Corporate Film

Industry: Manufacturing
Duration: 7 minutes

Document Al Application

Document Ai Analysis Software Explainer Video

Industry: Technology
Duration: 90 seconds

True Wireless Earphones 3D

True Wireless Earphones 3D Commercial

Industry: Wireless Audio
Duration: 45 seconds

Cornea TV 3D Product Video

Cornea TV 3D Product Commercial

Industry: Consumer Electronics
Duration: 45 seconds

Our Clients

We’ve created 1800+ animation videos for 600+ amazing brands (startups & corporates) from 27+ countries around the world.

We approached Mystery Monks with a video requirement as our dry cleaning business was not doing that well. We researched a lot and found out that the future of marketing is video but being a family-run business, we had no idea how to go about getting our dream animated business video made. Mystery Monks took care of all that and it’s been three months since we have started using their video for generating awareness and we’ve seen extremely positive results. Thanks, MM!

Saul HudsonLapels

I searched the entire web for best video creators until I found Mystery Monks and you made it so simple. My new animated training explainer video has made it so much easier to train the new interns compared to the old manual method. I just play the video you made and leave the room, it’s that easy now!
Thanks, guys!

Martha FishbeinEmpyre Comms

Mystery Monks was incredibly helpful when I placed a video order for my company. I ordered 1 video at first but after experiencing their incredible work, I ended up adding two more video requests. I was extremely satisfied with the coordination I had with the Mystery Monks team. They are extremely responsive, understanding and always deliver on time. I will be returning to Mystery monks every time I need a new video because they are simply the best.

Rahul TripathiKPMG

Don't hesitate to invest in a project with Mystery monks. They are very good at creating whiteboard animation videos the way that you like. They had good voice-over translators. My project was delivered within the expected time.

Varadharajan RajaramHorlicks

I just had the pleasure of working with Mystery Monks on a video project. Their team is very professional, with an incredibly quick response time. Beyond that, they provided what they said they would and it was easy for me and done on time/budget. As for quality, I could not be happier. I would highly recommend the video makers at Mystery Monks for your video needs. They are one of the best video production companies out there.

Dan HaleSAP

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How to choose an animated video company?

We know that you’ve done your research on explainer video companies and we understand that it still can be difficult to choose the right animation video maker companies to go in business with. You need someone who can create an exceptional video for you within budget. You also need someone who is ready to put their heart and soul into your video and truly understands your business and is willing to put everything on the line to get your video delivered. We’ve done this more than 2,000 times for 800+ companies from 20+ different industries and 25+ countries around the globe. We’d love to chat with you to understand your business further and see if we’re the right video making company for you.

How much time does it take to make a video?

We understand that you needed the video yesterday, that is why we have a dedicated team of professionals who strive to deliver the video within seven to ten working days. Also, whiteboard animation videos can be delivered even sooner.

How much does it cost to make a video?

We are Pro Video Creators and that is why we have numerous packages to fit every pocket and all our packages pack a punch. Also, our prices are fixed per 30 seconds. So, you only pay for the exact length of the video and nothing more.

What type of video would suit me best?

2D animation is great for animated explainer videos while whiteboard animation videos sway more towards informative videos. Similarly, all types of videos have their fortes, paradigms where they perform really well and since we have more than a thousand videos under our belt, we’ve perfected the art. We have an arsenal of different video styles to choose from. If you’re ready to talk, our people will call you to help you make the right choice.

Where all can I use my videos?

The video can be the digital print that you’ll leave on the world, you can use it for social media marketing to internal training processes. From paid advertising to Email marketing, once you have the video, the world is your oyster.

Are animated explainer videos good for Corporates and Multinational Conglomerates?

Yes, in fact, most corporates use animated videos to humanize their brands and companies. All corporate A-listers are already investing a huge chunk of their resources into corporate video production.

Is it wise to use an online tool to make my video?

Well, if you want cookie-cutter, drag and drop videos which will end up looking like every other explainer video made by an explainer video maker tool then might as well, go for it. On the other side of the spectrum, when professional video making companies make a video, we excel at it because we’ve mastered the art of video production. Bruce Lee also fears the man who has practised one kick 1000 times and not the man who has practised 1000 kicks one time. 

Should I go for a 3D video service or a 2D video service?

If you have the finances and the vision then you should invest your heart and soul into getting a 3D animated business video. It’ll skyrocket your brand through the stratosphere. However,  2D animated explainer videos are the best way to educate your audience, this will also help you to get filtered and quality lead because after educating them, only interested people will contact you. Also, if you are a tech company with a lot of scientific or non-theoretical jargons, then you should definitely invest in a 2D animated explainer video. We, being one of the top video creators and video production companies, provide both 2D video services and 3D video services, check us out. 


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