3D Product Commercial

900 per second

With our sleek and attractive 3D animations, your product will stand apart from an average Joe’s.

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Can you show our products in different colors?

Yes, that’s possible. In case if there’s no movement or animation within the additional products, you may buy the Standard package. If animation is required then you must purchase the Premium package.

Do we have to send the product or can you use pictures to make the video?

There’s no need for you to send the product. Just help us with high-quality images along with product dimensions to create a model.

Why 3D Model is not included in the package?

Designing a 3D model is a complex job and complexity varies from product to product. Hence, we charge separately depending on the complexity of the model.

Why do you deliver a wireframe render instead of a final render?

Final animation takes a long time to render from as low as a few hours to days. In order to fast-track the process, we share wireframe renders which only take a few minutes to complete.

Why can't you use CAD models directly in the video?

CAD Models can’t be used directly in videos. They lack textures & details and hence can’t be used directly.

Can you check our CAD model for us?

CAD models can be checked online using this free tool.

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