App Walkthrough Video

8,000 per 30 seconds

Worried about your app or product being too complex for users? With app walkthrough videos, explain tricky steps with lucid narratives and clear visuals!

✔ Scriptwriting (65 words per 30 seconds)
✔ Creative Director of your choice
✔ Screen Recording, Video Edit and Motion Graphics
✔ Professional voice-over (single artist from our talent pool)
✔ Royalty-Free Background Music
✔ 1080p full HD resolution and source files
✔ 3 revisions

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What voice options are included in the package?

Here’s a list of voice options included within the package.

If we don't need a voiceover, would the price reduce?

Price won’t change in case if you don’t need a voice-over or you provide us with one.

In case our website gets updated after a while, can you update our video at no additional cost?

There will be additional charges in case if there are changes after the approval.

Can you also include 2D animation in this in order to make it look better?

If you’re looking for 2D animations then we recommended our Professional Explainer Video package.

Why is the cost equivalent to your Startup Explainer video package when this is just screen recording with basic editing?

Each project is assigned with a creative director who comes up with a concept. A professional voice-over is recorded and the high-quality video is made with the use of slight animations, transitions, and motion graphics. Hence the cost.

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