Landing Page Development


Get a landing page designed by experts to see your Conversion Rate skyrocket!

✔ Up to 8 sections
✔ SEO-optimised content writing
✔ Quick loading time
✔ 5000 templates to choose from
✔ Mobile-first responsive design
✔ Tech Manager of your choice
✔ Premium stock images & graphics from EnvatoElements
✔ Built on WordPress, Shopify, or with custom HTML code
✔ Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel integration

Turnaround: 6-10 days

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What platform will you use to create this landing page?

We can create your landing page using either Shopify, WordPress, or custom HTML code. You can choose as per your preference.

What will be the cost to maintain this landing page?

Nothing, this is a zero maintenance landing page. Additional costs will only be applicable if you want us to change something or add something new.

What will be the cost for re-designing the existing landing page?

If you need to redesign the entire landing page then it’s going to cost the same as this package’s price. If you wish to only make a few changes, contact us here and we’ll send you a quote.

Why choose your service, since there are free templates available online?

Because our service offers a complete landing page development. Free templates require an expert to design, structure, write content, and add them to your website. With this package you don’t have to do anything, we do all the work for you and you get a landing page added to your website!

Do you offer a domain name in your package?

A domain name is not included in our packages. Domain names cost as low as $5 – $10 per year. We strongly recommend that clients buy their domain to keep ownership of it.

Will you also provide hosting?

You must buy your hosting so that you always have control & ownership of your code and data.
We recommend Amazon Lightsail as it’s cost-effective and scalable.
Their plans start at $3.5/mo for a private server. Click here to read more.

What if I need more than 8 sections?

Additional sections will be charged at Rs 1000 each if it’s only text. If it also requires graphics, then the cost would be Rs 1500 each.

Does content writing have a word limit?

Content creation has a limit of 750 words for up to 8 sections. The cost of the additional text would be Rs 400 for every 100 words.

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