Social Media Advertising

28,000 per month

Attract new customers through social media advertising & grow your business fast.

✔ Up to 3 paid campaigns with 3 creatives each
✔ Dedicated Ads Manager
✔ Campaign management on up to 2 platforms
✔ Monthly creative updates
✔ Bi-weekly reporting
✔ 30 days of ongoing optimisation

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Setup of Ad Account/Audit of existing account

Building Audience

Ad Copy Creation

Campaign setup & launch

Campaign monitoring and optimisation



What kind of returns should I expect?

Our average ROI is x2.64 based on our clients. You could get an ROI as high as 10x, you could also get a 1x. It really depends on your brand, your website, your product messaging, and many other things.

Who pays for the advertisement?

Our package includes creating & managing your ad campaigns. The Advertising payment must be made by you. The standard way to pay is to add a debit or credit card, and charges get deducted from your account automatically.

What is the minimum budget per month to get started with ads?

We recommend a monthly minimum budget of Rs 50,000 for ads.

What is the difference between an Ad and a Post?

Ads are shown to users who don’t follow your page but might be interested in your product/service. Posts are shown only to your followers.

Will the Ads just be images or videos/GIFs too?

Our package includes only image ads and basic GIF content. If you want to use a video for your advertisement, you can provide us with one of yours or you can order it from us by clicking here.

What are monthly Ad updates?

We offer new ad creatives & copies every month so that you can always ride the trend.

The package offers up to 3 campaigns with 3 ad creatives each, but what if I want only 1 campaign with 9 creatives?

We offer a maximum of 9 ad creatives. You may consume it in a single campaign or split it into 2 or 3 campaigns.

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