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8 Stock Music Websites that do not Suck

By December 15, 2014December 18th, 2023No Comments

Exploring the Best Stock Music Websites for Your Projects

The word “stock” makes lots of men and women cringe, and we do not attribute them. But forget all that rubbish in regard to music. Gone is the day of elevator music and sax tunes (sorry if that is your thing).

Your explainer video / movie job / internet advertisement / video blog could be polished off with a fantastic track who break their rear to bring you something fresh and new about the routine. While you’ll find tons of websites, we often abide by a couple of key players according to the type of music, range, and our budget. Therefore let us look at a few of our favourite stock music websites:

The Music Bed

Their recently relaunched website causes it to be simpler than ever to get the track that is perfect for any job. “The new Music Bed website is about indie musicians getting from the way and setting the music — along with the musicians — front and facility.” – Daniel McCarthy


  • You can seek out tunes according to exceptional features like “dubstep”, “gypsy”, “cryptic”, and “raw”.
  • Visual waveforms allow you to see how the music is structured. Forget about thinking in a song’s progression!

Premium Beat

Premium Beat offers a handpicked, small collection of royalty-free music in both contemporary and conventional fashions.


  • Exclusivity is a must at Premium Beat; you won’t find something elsewhere if you hear it here. The sole exception is in regards to classical music.
  • They always sift through their tracks, stress quality over quantity, and remove music when necessary.


AudioJungle is a large-scale music market where users can trade royalty-free music and sound effects.


  • Low costs! AudioJungle is an ideal solution for companies on a budget. While their tunes might not be superbly exceptional or exclusive, they have a lot of quality options.
  • Not only music, they’ve templates, code, pictures, and much more! They also provide ways to enhance your creative abilities.


Based in the Pacific Northwest, Marmoset takes the handcrafted way of stock music, cultivating what they call their “nest” of original music done in-house along with a curated set of independent artists. “We do not consider there is anything ‘stock’ about music crafted with hands and hearts.”


  • Unique filter functions allow you to search their collection in several ways, including using brilliant “storytelling” adjectives or sorting by the tune arc (a trademarked procedure).
  • Can’t find the appropriate melody to meet your job? Why not try a custom tune! Marmoset has a great reputation for creating custom pieces for brands like Levis, Toms, and Nintendo. Some artists have been known to tweak existing tracks to suit your video.

Honorable Mentions

  • License Lab: Exclusive authorized music, a smaller collection of top-quality melodies that are not royalty-free. Hands-on, personal way of finding music.
  • Tunefruit: A fun, new music market for internet video with suitable hunting labels and by popular music genres.
  • SongFreedom: Tune Freedom and popular melodies from artists like One Republic connect you usually, especially if you’re working on an individual project like a wedding video or school assignment.


Regardless of what your budget is, there are lots of stock music websites out there that not only meet your requirements but also make your projects sound amazing.

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Do you have any favourite stock music websites or other resources you’d like to add to our list? Tell us in the comments!