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Explainer Video Style Fading?

By December 15, 2014No Comments
Nearly 5 years ago, the concept of “explainer videos” did not necessarily exist. Then something happened in 2012. All of a sudden, explainer videos were everywhere. At the time, we might have panicked and altered the way we do business and jumped on the explainer video bandwagon.
First, for the uninitiated let me describe the reason why they can be used and what an explainer video is. An explainer video is normally a very well thought- out, cartoony brief video explanation of exactly what product or a business does. An explainer video generally has interesting visuals and also a powerful voice-over that helps narrate the story. We think they became popular so fast for a number of reasons. First, the company that commissioned the video has complete control of what is in finally every syllable which is uttered and the script and frame that’s shown in the video. Also, an explainer video will not require an employee or customer to go on camera. What might be better?
The reality is explainer videos can be a good fit in certain conditions. When there is nobody that’s not unwilling to really go before your firm as well as the camera isn’t ready to share much in the way of detail – explainer videos can be used effectively to create first interest. The problem we find with a lot of explainer videos is an audience can walk away being educated than when they began the video plus that they’re intentionally obscure. So a superb broad audience can comprehend the business or product at a high amount, the videos in many cases are created. That is excellent if you would like your mother in law to understand what the heck your MIT start up does but there should be an assumption that a lot of prospects visiting your website have an overall concept of what your company does. These prospects want details and they must get a feeling of who your company is on a human level. There is an old but true adage – ‘people buy from people’.
There are no studies to prove it but we’d bet an audience could be much more likely to remember (and feel attached to) a person they saw in a corporate video when compared to a corporate cartoon. We have watched loads of explainer videos and we frequently feel exactly the same way we do after eating cotton candy. “That was good – but I’m not certain I got anything out of it – oh well what is next…” So, here’s our self serving guidance, in case you need to really keep in touch with your prospects via video and tell them what the heck you do – you must tell them just what you’d if they came to your office for an introductory sales meeting – just do it having a video camera rolling. Your prospects desire to hear directly from you, if at all possible. They wish to get the ‘warm & fuzzies’and see that your company has ardent, bright individuals.
Truth be told Mystery Monks does build many custom images focused videos for our customers. Those videos would technically be described as explainer videos. We’re happy if we consider because we used quite specific graphics instead of revealing genuine people, the viewer will walk away with a better comprehension of a good or service to make them. However, should you like a cookie cutter explainer video which uses templates that were used in tens of thousands of other videos you almost certainly would be better off calling one of the numerous companies which make explainer videos.