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The Evolution of Explainer Videos: A Brief History

By December 15, 2014December 11th, 2023No Comments

In the not-so-distant past, the term “explainer videos” wasn’t even part of the business lexicon. Fast forward to 2012, and suddenly, explainer videos were ubiquitous. This pivotal moment prompted businesses to reconsider their strategies and jump on the explainer video bandwagon.

Understanding Explainer Videos

For the uninitiated, an explainer video is a carefully crafted, animated short video that succinctly explains what a product or business does. Typically featuring engaging visuals and a compelling voice-over, explainer videos emerged as a powerful tool for conveying a narrative. The rapid popularity of explainer videos can be attributed to various factors.

The Appeal of Explainer Videos

One key factor is the control they offer to the commissioning company. From the script to every syllable uttered and frame shown, businesses have complete authority over the video’s content. Additionally, explainer videos eliminate the need for individuals to appear on camera, making them a versatile option for companies with privacy concerns or limited resources.

Explainer Videos: A Strategic Fit

While explainer videos prove effective in specific scenarios, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. When there’s reluctance to go on camera or limited details to share, explainer videos excel at generating initial interest. However, a common pitfall is their tendency to be intentionally vague, leaving viewers with less information than they started with.

The Human Connection in Corporate Videos

An unproven but plausible belief is that audiences are more likely to remember and feel connected to real individuals seen in corporate videos compared to animated counterparts. Explainer videos, often resembling cotton candy experiences, leave viewers craving substance and a genuine connection.

Tailored Advice from Mystery Monks

At Mystery Monks, we specialize in creating custom graphics-focused videos for our clients, a category that technically falls under explainer videos. We believe that using specific graphics provides viewers with a better understanding of a product or service. However, for businesses seeking a personalized touch and a direct connection with their audience, we advocate a different approach.

Our Approach: Personalized Communication

Our self-serving advice is straightforward: communicate with your prospects via video just as you would during an introductory sales meeting. Let them hear directly from you, fostering a connection that goes beyond the information presented. While explainer videos have their place, there’s unparalleled value in showcasing the passionate and intelligent individuals behind a company.

Choose Authenticity with Mystery Monks

While we can create explainer videos using custom graphics, we emphasize the importance of authenticity. If you prefer a personalized touch over cookie-cutter explainer videos that use widely used templates, Mystery Monks is here to help.

Connect with Your Audience Through Video

Ready to showcase your business authentically? Explore our customized video solutions at Mystery Monks Packages or Contact us for expert advice. Let your audience connect with the real people behind your business.