Professional Whiteboard Animation

14,000 per 30 seconds

While our startup package is already perfect for all kinds of projects, we also offer the professional package where you get high-quality colourful vector graphics.

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What is the difference between Startup Whiteboard Video & Professional Whiteboard Video?

Professional Whiteboard videos are made using templates and stock vector graphics from free sources.
These graphics can be colorful or black and white.
The technology used for producing professional whiteboard video is more advanced and offers better flexibility for the designer compared to startup whiteboard video.

Can you draw actual portraits in Whiteboard if real pictures are provided?

No, these videos are made using templates and free vector graphics that are available online for free. Designing a portrait will be an additional cost.

Do we get the storyboard in this package?

No. A graphic storyboard is provided if fresh graphics are being designed for your video. Since these videos are made using templates and free stock vectors, we do not create a storyboard.

To what level can you customize templates and graphics?

We can only change the colors in most cases and some minor design changes in some cases.

What If the video exceeds the timeframe by 4-5 seconds? How much extra will be charged?

In case if the script is within the word limit of the original order, we’ll charge you on a pro-rata basis.

If more revisions than offered are required, what will be the additional cost?

For most cases, the number of offered revisions is sufficient. Our process ensures that you get a perfect video with fewer revisions. In case if you need additional revisions, they would be charged at 25% of the order value.

What voice options are included in the package?

Here’s a list of voice options included within the package. 

I didn't like any voice actor from your list. What are my options?

We have a list of premium voice actors. These voiceovers can be purchased separately and can be used in your video.