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Top Five Video Editing Apps for Phones and Tablets

By July 20, 2015April 10th, 2017No Comments

When it comes to video-editing a lot of people tend to stay away from tablet and phone apps as they have been proven to be rather limited in their offer of tools. This is not always the case however, with certain apps providing high-quality results and a stable and easy to use software to boot.
Magisto is one of the first names that come to mind when talking about video editing apps. This free app works for both iOS and Android and allows users to work their editing magic with a small number of well-functioning tools.

Cute CUT is another interesting editing app that allows its users to draw over their video. With more than 30 tools and numerous other effects this is definitely a cool free app, even if it only works on iOS.
For a look at some independent editing products one can also use appnext, a community of app developers from across the globe that feature their latest creations on the website looking for clients, feedback and partners.

Qik Video is another interesting tool from the same team that offered Skype. With Qik, users can both record and edit their footage while also using more than 13 effects and numerous other features. The Qik app works both on iOS and Android and is free.
Replay is one of the best apps you can use if you have an active Instagram presence. In Replay you can add filters as well as well as use numerous other tools to your videos and pictures before posting them on Instagram. You can also unlock numerous other features with in-app purchases. Replay is a strictly iOS app.