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Why are videos better than presentations?

By August 4, 2017December 1st, 2023No Comments

How many times did you doze off during a PowerPoint presentation? Or how many times were you caught dreaming of food, home or the girl next door when the presentation was in full swing? A couple of times, if I must say so. On the other hand, if I ask, how many times did your attention waver while watching an animated video or a movie, you would say never!

A study by Harvard Business school concludes that PowerPoint presentations are damaging your business and company and you must stop using them! When compared to oral presentations with no visual aids, PowerPoint presentations score zero. They are less engaging and less attractive.

Videos can grab a user’s/learner’s attention in seconds. They are more engaging, knowledgeable and convey messages rather speedily when compared to a boring presentation. Not to mention the brand awareness and retention it creates. PowerPoint presentation has virtually no control options except the ‘next slide’ option. It stifles creativity, leaving little at play.

If you are wasting valuable time, money and energy in making and delivering PowerPoint presentations, then its time you took a step backward and pondered over what really mattered to the target audiences because PowerPoint is no longer the best tool for your company.