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Why You Should Never Try to Create an Explainer Video Yourself

By December 29, 2023No Comments

Have you considered creating an explainer video for your business but got discouraged by high costs, the struggle to find the right talent or urgent timelines? You’re not alone. 90% of successful brands opt for professional video production, understanding that the stakes are higher than the costs 💼. It begs the question: Are you pondering over creating an explainer video for your business and weighing the real value of going with professional services?

Before committing to a DIY approach, consider the wider implications and the true value of professional expertise in making your message resonate effectively 🎬✨.

68% of marketers have confirmed in a study on video ROI that videos have a better return on investment than running ads. However, diving into video creation without professional guidance will be challenging.

Explainer Video Creation: The Risks of DIY vs. the Benefits of Professional Production

Venturing into DIY video creation means more than just saving a few bucks. It’s crucial to understand the broader impact on your brand’s image 🌟. Statistics show that professionally crafted videos have a 50% higher engagement rate, emphasizing the value of expert involvement.

Understand the full implications before diving into software like Vyond, Animaker, or Canva. Crafting a compelling video involves complexities and potential missteps beyond savings, which we will address in this blog 📝.

This article aims to guide and inform you why crafting an explainer video is more complex than it seems and how you could be sidestepping into hidden challenges.

8 Challenges When Making an Explainer Video by Yourself

Creating an explainer video yourself might seem easy at first, but it’s full of surprises. Even digital marketers who know about making videos often need help with unexpected problems. It’s like thinking you can fix a car just because you drive one. Sure, DIY tools sound great, but be aware of the tricky parts.

The difference an expert brings is professional skills in messaging, animation, scriptwriting, and voiceovers, leading to compelling videos. It’s about transforming primary content into compelling narratives.

This section delves into the realities of DIY video production, highlighting the common hurdles that creators face and why a professional touch can make all the difference.

The Illusion of Ease

It’s tempting to think creating videos is easy with animation software tools claiming to be the “easiest explainer video maker.” However, a quick look at Vyond’s tutorial for beginners reveals a different story.

This gap between expectation and reality highlights why professional expertise is crucial and why going DIY might not be the shortcut it appears to be.

Here’s what all these tools claim – “The easiest explainer video maker.” 😅

Does this make you believe it’s that easy? What’s marketed as simple often turns out to be quite complex, leaving many to wonder if it’s as effortless as it seems.

Online DIY video maker tools claiming to be easy.

Expertise vs. Aspiration

Creating high-quality animations goes beyond just using software; it’s an art that demands skilled animators. These professionals dedicate years to mastering tools like Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. This commitment to learning and refining skills is what sets professional animators apart.

As you consider the DIY route, reflect on the time and dedication required to produce animations that truly stand out and effectively communicate your message. It’s not just about the software; it’s about the journey to mastery.

Take, for example, the Minerva Software infomercial by and compare it to a standard DIY Explainer video. 

Example of Professionally Made Explainer Video

 Example of DIY Explainer Video

Hidden Costs

While tools for creating explainer videos might seem accessible, they come with hidden costs. The actual price is your time. Imagine spending countless hours learning complex software when you could be growing your business. Industry insights reveal that the time cost of DIY video making often exceeds the expense of hiring professionals.

Below is a screenshot of the first three results when you search for ‘explainer video maker.’

Screenshot showing search results of explainer video maker claiming to be free.

These three claim to be free, but usually, there’s a catch. They charge you a monthly or annual fee, ask for payments for special features, place watermarks on your videos, or limit what you can do until you pay up.

So, ask yourself, is the “free” tag worth the significant investment of your valuable time and potential frustration?

Quality vs. Amateur

Online tools may offer convenience, but professional quality is often not assured. Using templates can result in a generic appearance, lacking the polished impact of a tailored video. Incorporating a video on a landing page can boost conversions by up to 80%, per HubSpot.

This highlights that while anyone can make a video, crafting one that truly resonates and achieves its purpose requires professional skills and experience. It isn’t just a claim; it’s a reality reflected in viewer response and conversion rates.

Voice Over Complexity

Voiceover work goes beyond just recording; it demands precision and expertise, like our 3D project for SAS’s Smart Airport System. Here, we aligned a professional voiceover with detailed visuals, ensuring each word enhanced the viewer’s understanding and engagement. Our aim? To provide a seamless and impactful audio-visual experience.

Narrative and Scriptwriting

Crafting a compelling script is crucial, as it’s the heart of your video. It’s about more than just writing; it’s about weaving a story that resonates. Consider our work with the Ocean Protocol Ecosystem, the scriptwriting goes beyond mere words. It transforms a complex idea into an engaging narrative bringing life to the Security Layer concept.

Watch the Explainer Video about the Security Layer of the Ocean Protocol Ecosystem

Our scriptwriter crafted an engaging narrative by simplifying technical functions with creative animations and clear narrations. This demystifies the security and privacy features of Ocean Provider, making the information accessible and captivating. The script’s concise explanations, with compelling visuals, ensure viewers grasp the concepts quickly and are left with a lasting impression of the product’s value.

Steep Learning Curve

Mastering tools like Vyond or Canva involves more than quick clicks. It’s a steep learning curve, requiring time to understand how to communicate effectively through video. Often, you’ll spend more hours learning than creating, which may not be the best use of your time. Is the lengthy process of mastering these tools worth your time investment?

Time Investment

Would you rather focus on growing your business or spend countless hours learning video-making tools? Consider this: every hour spent on DIY video production is a moment lost from your business activities. The real cost of a DIY explainer video is not just the time spent learning and creating, but also the valuable opportunities and growth you sacrifice in the process.

Choosing Quality: Professional Animators vs. DIY Video Tools

While tools like Vyond and Canva seem cost-effective, they need a more professional edge. Expert animators bring years of experience and skill, ensuring every video has the high quality and personalized touch that DIY tools miss. The difference is evident in the final product’s impact and professionalism.

Opting for DIY might seem budget-friendly, but the hidden costs are significant. The time and effort invested and potentially mediocre outcomes can undermine your message’s effectiveness. Professional videos resonate better, ensuring your investment in expert services pays off in quality and engagement.

Why Professional Explainer Videos Stand Out

Professional explainer videos, like the Estate Dekho project, go beyond attention-grabbing. They weave compelling narratives that resonate, offering a professionalism DIY efforts can’t match. These videos are strategic assets crafted to amplify your brand’s credibility in the competitive market.

Watch the Explainer Video For Estate Dekho, a Marketing Tool for Real Estate Developers

The Estate Dekho explainer video demonstrates the difference professional quality makes, with an engaging narrative, professional voice-over, and high-quality visuals, specifically designed to elevate real estate marketing. It’s a prime example of how professional videos effectively deliver a brand’s message.

The Creative Director’s Role in Explainer Video Production 

In explainer video production, the Creative Director is the guiding force, transforming concepts into impactful visual stories. Their deep understanding of storytelling and brand identity shapes every aspect of the video, ensuring it resonates with viewers.

Leading the charge, they navigate through creative challenges, ensuring the end product is visually stunning and strategically aligned. The crucial role of a Creative Director is to turn a neat idea into a video that grabs attention and speaks to viewers.

Why Should You Hire Through Mystery Monks? 

Opting for Mystery Monks can save you from the DIY dilemma when considering creating an explainer video. Here’s why choosing our professional services for your project is an intelligent decision:

  1. Vetted and Professional Talent: At Mystery Monks, we don’t just pick anyone. Our team is a select group of experts with proven skills in creating compelling explainer videos. You’re getting quality you can trust.
  2. Creative Directors in Every Package: Each project gets a touch of genius with a creative director involved, ensuring your video isn’t just another drop in the ocean but a standout masterpiece.
  3. Well-Researched, All-Inclusive Packages: We hate surprises just like you. Our video and animation packages are clear-cut, comprehensive, and researched to fit your needs perfectly — no hidden fees, no confusion.
  4. Flexible Budget Options: Whether you’re a startup or a well-established company, we’ve got something for everyone. Choose what works best for your budget without compromising on quality.
  5. Multiple Price Options: Within each category, we offer a variety of price points so you can select the one that best fits your project’s scope and budget.
  6. Favourable Payment Options: Pay upfront or choose a milestone-based payment plan — whatever suits your financial planning. We’re here to make things easier for you.
  7. Exceptional Customer Support: Need help? Have questions? Our customer support isn’t just good; it’s stellar. We’re here to guide, help, and support you throughout the process.

Start Creating Explainer Videos With Mystery Monks 

In conclusion, crafting an explainer video yourself may seem cost-effective, but the intricacies and time involved can be overwhelming. With Mystery Monks, you’re not just hiring a service but partnering with storytelling maestros dedicated to making your vision come alive. 🌟🎬

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Choose Mystery Monks for a seamless, stress-free experience, and watch as your explainer video becomes a compelling asset, driving your brand’s growth and success.