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Differences: Stock Footage Commercials vs. Explainer Videos

By February 7, 2024No Comments

The Difference Between Stock Footage Commercials and Explainer Videos: A 2024 Comprehensive Guide

In the world of digital marketing in 2024, 96% of marketers consider video an essential component of their marketing strategy and there’s a good reason for that. Videos can turn even the most complex topic into an engaging story.

Picture this: You’re trying to decide between using stock footage commercials (SFCs) and explainer videos for your next campaign. It’s like choosing between a ready-made pizza and cooking a gourmet meal from scratch — both can satisfy your hunger, but the experience and outcome are quite different. This guide is your roadmap, highlighting the difference between stock footage commercials (SFCs) and explainer videos. It could be the secret weapon in elevating your marketing strategy and capturing your audience’s attention.

Before you delve into either a stock footage commercial or an explainer video, it’s essential to grasp how these types of videos can impact your brand’s story and audience engagement.

What is a Stock Footage Commercial (SFC)?

A Stock Footage Commercial is an advertisement created by compiling pre-existing video clips, animations, or images. Platforms like EnvatoElements, StoryBlocks, Shutterstock, iStockPhotos, and Pexels serve as goldmines for sourcing these high-quality visuals. This offers a cost-efficient and timely solution for brands to convey their messages or promote their products without the need for a shoot.

These clips are selected and edited together to tell your brand’s story, promote a product, or convey a message. The skill comes from picking footage that perfectly matches the story you want to tell and ensuring the result is professional, polished, and captivating.

For instance, our Tata 1mg Multivitamin Tablets commercial, exemplifies storytelling precision, blending heartwarming and nutrition clips to highlight the product’s benefits.

Where are Stock Footage Commercials Used?

SFCs are particularly useful in specific areas of marketing where high-quality visuals are needed to complement the narrative. Potential use cases include:

  • Product Videos: When showcasing the features and benefits of a product, SFCs can capture the essence of what you’re offering in a visually appealing manner. SFCs make it easier for customers to understand and appreciate the value of your product.
  • Company Profile Video: SFCs can effectively communicate a company’s mission, values, and culture, building a stronger brand identity and connecting with the audience.
  • Advertising Campaigns: For broader advertising efforts, including online ads, social media campaigns, television commercials, and digital billboards, SFCs offer a cost-effective way to maintain high production value.
  • Landing Pages: Incorporating SFCs on product landing pages or homepage banners can significantly improve user engagement and conversion rates, providing an instant visual appeal to visitors.

Benefits of Using Stock Footage Commercials

Stock Footage Commercials (SFCs) offer a quick, cost-effective way to create engaging ads. These commercial clips allow businesses to highlight their brand efficiently without too much expense and time required for custom footage. This is why SFCs shine:

1. Cost-effectiveness and time efficiency

By leveraging pre-existing footage, SFCs cut down production costs compared to explainer videos or corporate videos that require bespoke scripting, shooting, and editing. This approach eliminates the financial and temporal demands of custom shoots, making it an ideal solution for tight budgets and deadlines.

2. Diversity of content

The beauty of stock footage lies in its diversity. With a vast library of clips covering various cultures, geographies, and themes, SFCs allow for authentic storytelling that can resonate with a global audience. All without the need for extensive travel or location shooting.

3. Streamlined production and minimal errors

The production process for SFCs is streamlined with minimal risk of errors, thanks to pre-shot and edited footage, ensuring a polished outcome.

4. High quality within budget

Using stock footage enables businesses to produce high-quality commercials without a hefty price tag associated with custom filming. Proving that effective advertising doesn’t have to break the bank.

5. SFCs can be customised with original footage

Stock footage, when complemented with original footage, adds a unique flair to commercials, balancing cost-efficiency with custom content to boost effectiveness.

6. Simplifies video production

In many cases, sourcing original footage can be impractical due to logistical, financial, or time issues. Stock footage offers a viable solution, allowing businesses to bypass the challenges of shooting new material while still achieving their marketing objectives. For instance, the Elocity Stock Footage Promotional Video below exemplifies how stock footage can effectively overcome the need for original filming.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, engaging video that explains a company’s product or service in a detailed and engaging way. They often use animation to break down complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand narratives.

Where are Explainer Videos Used?

For explainer videos, their application extends into different areas, focusing on simplifying complex information into engaging, visual stories. Here’s where they make a significant impact:

  • Product Demonstrations: Explainer videos bring products to life, detailing functionalities and benefits in an easily digestible format, ideal for consumers seeking to understand a product deeply before purchase.
  • Marketing Software Products: Explainer videos are key for promoting software. They clearly show how the software works, its benefits, and real-life applications. This helps potential customers understand how it can solve their problems or meet their needs.
  • Onboarding and Training: They provide a dynamic way to introduce new hires to company processes or software, using animation to guide viewers through each step in an engaging manner.
  • Educational Content: Explainer videos excel in simplifying complex concepts. They turn them into easy-to-understand narratives. This makes them perfect for educational content, tutorials, and detailed product demos. These videos are great for anything that needs a step-by-step explanation.
  • FAQs and Customer Support: Turning frequently asked questions or support topics into explainer videos can provide clear, visual answers, enhancing customer service experiences.
  • Company Storytelling: They can narrate a brand’s ethos, goals, and values, fostering a deeper emotional connection with the audience.

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are indispensable when it comes to breaking down sophisticated ideas into digestible, engaging content. They are essential tools for conveying detailed information about your product, company, organisation, or service in a way that’s easy to grasp.

1. Simplifying Complex Information

Whether it’s unveiling a product, service, or the foundational principles of a company, explainer videos distil complex ideas into easily digestible content. This makes them perfect for conveying detailed information. For a practical illustration, consider this Cloud Integration Platform Explainer Video.

Through engaging storytelling and dynamic visuals, this video makes the sophisticated Cloud Integration Platform accessible and understandable, showcasing the power of explainer videos in clarifying concepts.

2. Accelerating Onboarding and Training

For new hires, explainer videos serve as a learning tool, speeding up the onboarding process by delivering training material that captures the essence of job roles and company culture.

3. Boosting Viewer Engagement

High-quality animation packages elevate the visual appeal of explainer videos, making your brand video informative and a delight to watch. This contributes to higher viewer retention rates and encourages sharing.

4. Engaging Through Animation

With the use of 2D animations, explainer videos capture and retain viewer attention, making the learning process educational and enjoyable. The HR & Payroll Software Explainer Video below illustrates how 2D animations in explainer videos simplify a SaaS product into a captivating visual story.

5. Demonstrating Real-World Applications

Explainer videos excel in painting vivid pictures of real-life applications, scenarios, and case studies. Imagine illustrating how your services or products work in an actual environment, which aids in building trust and understanding.

By leveraging the ability of explainer videos to explain, engage, and educate, businesses can foster a deeper connection with their audience. Thus facilitating a better understanding of their offerings and values.

Production Process for SFCs and Explainer Videos

SFCs offer a streamlined production process, utilising pre-existing content to save time and resources. In contrast, explainer videos involve a more comprehensive production journey, including the creation of custom animations and graphic storyboards. This requires additional time and creativity but yields highly impactful content.

Considerations for Choosing Between SFCs and Explainer Videos

Choosing between stock footage commercials (SFCs) and explainer videos depends on your brand’s needs and goals. If swift production and cost-efficiency align with your objectives, SFCs offer a solution through readily available content.

For brands seeking to deeply engage and educate their audience with tailored messages, the creativity of explainer videos is unparalleled.

Evaluate your priorities—whether it’s speed and budget or customisation and depth of engagement—to make the best choice for your brand’s story.

Conclusion: Tailor Your Choice to Your Brand’s Needs

Both SFCs and explainer videos have their place in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. By considering your brand’s objectives, audience, budget, and timeline, you can choose the format that best aligns with your marketing goals.

However, when it comes to producing stock footage commercials or explainer videos that genuinely resonate and communicate your brand’s story, partnering with a professional team can transform your vision. This is where Mystery Monks stands out.

If you’re leaning towards a stock footage commercial or explainer video, let Mystery Monks guide you. We’ll connect you with skilled creators who don’t just make videos; they craft narratives that captivate, educate, and inspire your audience.

Start your creative journey today, and make an impactful addition to your marketing arsenal, driving your brand toward growth and success.

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