Stock Footage Commercial

14,000 per 30 seconds

Build an emotional connection with your audience with actual footage put together in promotional videos that entice people in a jiffy.

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What If the video exceeds the timeframe by 4-5 seconds? How much extra will be charged?

In case if the script is within the word limit of the original order, we’ll charge you on a pro-rata basis.

If more revisions than offered are required, what will be the additional cost?

For most cases, the number of offered revisions is sufficient. Our process ensures that you get a perfect video with fewer revisions. In case if you need additional revisions, they would be charged at 25% of the order value.

What voice options are included in the package?

Here’s a list of voice options included within the package. 

I didn't like any voice actor from your list. What are my options?

We have a list of premium voice actors. These voiceovers can be purchased separately and can be used in your video.

What if the footage that we are looking for isn't available on EnvatoElements?

In such a case, the stock footage can to be sourced from thid party sites and any additional cost is to be paid by the client.

I need only a 10 seconds video. What would be the cost?

For a 10-30 seconds video, you need to purchase a minimum 30 seconds package.

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