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Tips for Crafting an Outstanding App Preview

By December 15, 2014December 6th, 2023No Comments

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Tips for Crafting an Outstanding App Preview

Excitement is in the Air

They are here! Perhaps it’s not the most thrilling announcement, but anything that introduces more videos to the world gets us excited. Apple has a set of guidelines for Program Previews, and since they determine whether yours will make it to the App Store, it’s crucial to pay attention.

Guidelines and Tips from Co and Tim Cook

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are six tips to help you create an exceptional App Preview that sounds amazing, looks good, and meets the guidelines provided by Apple:

1. Focus on Key Features

Your app is likely packed with features, but with only 30 seconds, prioritize your talking points. Highlight the features that matter most to prospective users.

2. Script it Out

For a 30-second video, keep your script concise. Avoid cramming too many words; a well-paced narration is crucial for a compelling App Preview.

3. Professional Voice Talent

Consider hiring professional voice talent to add a level of professionalism to your video. A professional narrator can enhance the overall quality and appeal to a specific audience.

4. Utilize Title Cards

Include title cards at the beginning and end of your video. A title card at the conclusion reinforces the clear call to action—download the app!

5. Illustrate User Interaction

Ensure clarity in your video’s journey through your app. You can use voiceover to describe where finger taps will occur, or add animations to make the video engaging and informative.

6. Choose the Right Music

Selecting the right music is a small but significant aspect of a great App Preview. Music can add suspense, excitement, or other emotions to enhance your video.

Stand Out with Your App Preview

Implementing these six tips can make your App Preview stand out among the rest. We’re eager to see what you come up with! If you have any App Preview ideas or videos to share, please post them below.

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