2.5D Premium Explainer Video

30,500 per 30 seconds

Elevate your marketing game by captivating your audience with the perfect blend of 2D and 3D animation in our custom-made 2.5D explainer videos.

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What is the difference between 2D and 2.5D Explainer Video?

The 2.5D animation stands in the middle ground between 2D and 3D animation. In this type of animation, we use 3D objects in a 2D environment. We base the background in 2D, but the characters and hero objects are 3D.

Can you customize and use our product images or screenshots in the video?

Yes, we can even turn them into animated mockups under this package.

What is a Graphic Storyboard?

A graphic storyboard is a sequence of graphics meant to provide a visual reference for all the scenes in an animated video. It shows the flow, look and feel of the design, as you can see all the scenes in a series along with voice descriptions.

If more revisions than offered are required, what will be the additional cost?

For most cases, the number of offered revisions is sufficient. Our process ensures that you get a perfect video with fewer revisions. In case if you need additional revisions, they would be charged at 25% of the order value.

What voice options are included in the package?

Here’s a list of voice options included within the package. 

I didn't like any voice actor from your list. What are my options?

We have a list of premium voice actors. These voiceovers can be purchased separately and can be used in your video. You may reach out to us via chat or contact us here for more options.

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