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Top 5 Animation Styles to Promote Your Business Effectively

By October 26, 2016December 1st, 2023No Comments

There are many marketing strategies that people go for. In the past couple of years, videos have become immensely popular, dictating new trends for future business marketing strategy. This is why having a professional video created can significantly improve the business’s marketing performance.

However, before deciding to make a video, it is very important to understand what types of videos there are, to maximize the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign.image1

Whiteboard animation


This is a great style for explaining the story of your company, or why someone should pick you specifically. The animation looks like a drawing on the whiteboard, with a hand constantly drawing things to better explain the concepts explained by a voice. This type of video is very popular among consumers as it helps them stay focused and grasp all of the important information contained in the video. It is a perfect animation style for explaining what your business is all about.

Motion graphic animation

This type of animation is perfect for businesses that are looking for a way to explain their products or services. Many companies find themselves achieving bad results with their hardware and software products with the main cause being a misunderstanding about the product or believing that it is too hard to use. With motion graphic animations, depicting instructions is an easy task, making it easier for your future customers to approach your brand.

Live action and animation

This animation type combines a normal video recording with animation. It provides the best of both worlds. The live video serves to build authority and trust with the viewer while allowing you to create illustrations following what the person in the video is talking about. Many businesses go with this approach as it provides great results.

Stop motion animation

Stop motion animation has been present for decades everywhere around the world. However, as technology has progressed, it has become an old school type of animation. But, it is a perfect choice to captivate the viewer and make him or her interested in what you are talking about. Stop motion animation is great for illustrating what the voice in the video is talking about. Standing out from the competition is very important nowadays, and while everyone is off making a cliché whiteboard video, you can catch a lot of attention by going with stop motion animation.

Animated Infographic

image3Infographics have become a very popular way of digging into and presenting a lot of data to the visitor. Does it get better than that? Yes, it does.

A simple animated infographic is going to keep the viewer focused as well as inform him about various important pieces of information they are most likely interested in. This is a perfect video style for persuading your visitors why they should choose you and trust you.

These are 5 animation styles that are perfect for business promotion. Some are more oriented to capturing attention, others are better for getting into smaller details. Perform research about your target audience and you will easily find the best type of video, perfect for your marketing campaign.