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We were glad to understand that marketers from all over the world have started to get the concept that content matters. Fresh site posts enable marketers engage with customers and to introduce new notions. One of the things we noticed at the seminar is there’s a whole industry that is helping businesses write content for blog posts up. Why? Because writing blog posts can be time intensive and difficult. The problem is these external website post writers are not actual subject matter experts. We think an easier method to generate content is always to create Video Blog Posts.
At Mystery Monks, we often create sophisticated videos that require a ton of editing plus a great deal of planning. A video blog post will not have to be expensive and nearly as time consuming as a traditional corporate video. Website visitors often only want to listen to directly from a subject matter expert and do not need all the bells and whistles of a corporate video that is conventional.
Still, it increases the trustworthiness and gives useful advice for site visitors. Anyone who sees the video would walk away having an improved comprehension of the need for employee retention and also would look at PI Worldwide as an HR pro. Obviously, that’s way more powerful than an outsourced, text-based site post could be.