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Embarking on a video production journey is no small feat. Over our four years at Mystery Monks, we’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of numerous video production businesses. In this time, we’ve gathered invaluable insights into crafting stellar video productions. Let’s delve into the key “don’ts” to ensure a seamless video production process.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Sound

Sound quality is often overlooked but plays a pivotal role in the success of a video. Avoid using onboard camera microphones, as they may compromise the audio clarity. Additionally, ensure the subject remains close to the microphone to maintain optimal sound levels.

Don’t Navigate Glowing Windows Blindly

When framing shots, exercise caution with backlit scenarios, especially when facing a bright window. Without proper expertise, this can lead to poorly exposed subjects. It’s crucial to understand the nuances of lighting to avoid unintended visual challenges.

Don’t Clash with Busy Schedules

Scheduling video productions between meetings can lead to rushed and subpar outcomes. Ensure that the subject has an open schedule, allowing flexibility in case the production takes longer than anticipated. A relaxed environment fosters better performance.

Don’t Film in Front of a Large Audience

To maintain the subject’s comfort and authenticity, avoid shooting company videos in front of a large audience of colleagues. The pressure of being observed can make the subject self-conscious, impacting the overall quality of the video.

Don’t Overlook Creature Comforts

A seemingly small detail like providing water can significantly enhance the video production experience. Hydrated subjects are more likely to perform well, and water breaks offer moments for composure and reflection.

Don’t Forget Post-Production Considerations

Avoid scheduling a shoot in a room immediately booked after the production. This ensures ample time for post-production processes without the rush to clear the space.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Script

Allow your subject to speak authentically. Avoid overthinking and scripting every word. Instead, encourage them to use their own words and expressions, fostering a genuine and relatable narrative.

Don’t Rush the Process

Recognize that video production can be nerve-racking for many individuals. Avoid rushing through the process, allowing subjects to acclimate to the environment and perform at their best.

Don’t Shy Away from Guidance

While encouraging authenticity, don’t hesitate to guide the subject. Address overly long or mangled responses promptly, suggesting retakes when necessary. This ensures a polished and professional final product.

Don’t Forget to Provide Assurance

Throughout the video production, reassure the person on camera. Positive feedback instills confidence, creating a more comfortable and productive atmosphere.


By steering clear of these common pitfalls, your video production endeavors are poised for success. For tailored video solutions adhering to best practices, explore our packages. Seeking expert advice? Contact us for personalized guidance on optimizing your video production processes.