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At Msytery Monks, we have seen many video production businesses go and come in the last 4 years since we began our video production company. Along the way in which we have learned a lot of things to generate the best video productions.
Don’t minimize how important sound is!

Don’t use an onboard camera mic.

Do not place your matter too far away from the microphone.

Do not point the camera at an individual with a glowing window unless you actually know exactly what you’re doing.

Do not schedule a video production between assemblies. Make sure that the subject has an open schedule so that it’s acceptable when the video production goes long.

Do not shoot your company video with a huge audience of other employees. You don’t need your topic as others look on nervously to become self conscious.

Don’t forget the water! Remember to have water available. Not only can it be excellent to be certain your topic is hydrated – water also gives your subject a minute to regain the composure along with an explanation or collect their thoughts during the video production.

Do not use a room that is booked immediately after the shoot.

Do not over think what the issue ‘has to say’ exactly – just let them let them be as reliable as possible and use their own words.

Don’t hurry it. A video production may be nerve racking for many folks.

Do not let the issue get away with responses that are way mangled or too long. In case the topic of the video says something they call them out on it will not like when they see it in the final video and have them do a retake. They are going to respect that you are doing your absolute best to make them appear and sound good.

Don’t forget to assure the man on camera and let them understand things are going well.