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Why Companies Tell Their Story through Explainer Videos

By April 10, 2017June 6th, 2019No Comments
Why do so many great stories go unheard? Well, mostly because they are communicated in such a dull and drab manner that nobody’s even willing to listen. As a business, you could have a great product that caters to a pressing need at an extremely competitive price, but that is not enough to guarantee your success. Customers have to be convinced about why they need that product and why they should buy it from you instead of your competitors. So, how do you make people understand what you do and convert them into your customers? Now, your website is a good way to do that. But remember, human brain is more receptive to images than words. So, instead of bombarding them with words, show them your story through explainer videos!
Explainer videos are short, animated videos for businesses that explain what the product is, who it is for and what problems it solves, along with what the viewers should do if they’re interested. Businesses can add immense value to their marketing campaigns through such product videos. Such videos can increase the conversation rates. According to a study, nearly 85% of people are more likely to buy a product they saw an explainer video of.
These animated videos can be put up on multiple platforms like websites, YouTube, Facebook, etc. and shared to help spread the word about the product. They make it easier to explain technical products, liven up your message and catch the attention of customers who are then more likely to remember it. Unlike for commercial videos, you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to pay for the production costs. Given these benefits, an increasing number of companies are now realizing the potential of using explainer videos as a marketing tool to make a lasting impression on their audience.